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Name:Lina Inverse
Birthdate:Aug 8

Character: Lina Inverse
Series: Slayers
Version: After Try
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Lina is small young lady, at the height of 4’ 10”. She also got a small chest, but don’t let her know about that, unless you want to be toasted. Long red hair and bright auburn eyes, she usually wears her fighting armor and sorceress gear. She also carries around a small sword and usually wears her black headband that covers two small moles above her eyebrows. Large red shirt with a yellow band going across her chest, white trim and a black belt, shoulder pads connected with chain, red and yellow tights, a black cape with pink inside, white gloves and boots with green gems, another belt. Also the Demon Blood Talismans that were given to her from Xellos to help her enhance her spells.

There’s a spark of fire, a bright energetic young girl with a strong heart. Lina Inverse considers herself both a genius and a gorgeous sorceress, because of this she is pretty vain. Lina is sure not afraid to boost her ego or unique reputation. She’s determined to have others know that she is the very best, and doesn’t even mind putting fear in bandits or thieves.

However, Lina isn’t as heroric as she sounds. She’s very greedy. Because of that, Lina will bargain, argue, and even trample over others till she gets what she wants. It may not always work, but she’s willing to try anything if she’s desperate enough. If someone asks Lina to help save a city, she will immediately start thinking about how high the reward should be. Even though, she may or may not end up destroying half the village on accident if trying to get rid of something like a dragon.

Lina has another side to her as well though. She cares deeply for her friends and is willing to help them out in times of need. Often she doesn’t show this gentle side for reasons that she doesn’t want to seem weak and really doesn’t want others to worry about her. There where many of times where she showed care and love, such as the time when Gourry got kidnapped or when her friends were in great danger from Hellmaster Phibrizzo. Chances are if you become close friends with Lina, she will stop at nothing to help you out if you’re in great danger and will make sure you’re all right. Best not to make Lina angry about eithers her friends, or herself… Or in general, she’s pretty easily provoked.

For a little girl, Lina’s got a lot of power and is anything but ordinary. Excelling in her academics, she graduated from a prestigious magic school at the age of 15 and has since then been traveling around by herself. Lina is and knows that she is a magical genius. She has almost all of the knowledge about each of the three branches of magic (White, Black and Shamanism) even though she doesn't use all three.

Though Lina is skilled in Shamanism and White, Black magic is her main specialty. The main spells Lina tends to cast are these;
Fireball, when casted sends off a flying ball of fire that when comes in contact explodes on impact. Flare Arrow, a spell which makes several fire arrows appear around the caster, and fly directly towards a target.
Elmekia Lance, A spell which creates and fires a lance of light, which damages a target's spirit. This spell deals no physical damage, and even a direct hit only causes the target to fall unconscious for a period of time. A useful spell against spirit beings such as Mazoku.
Levitation, by manipulating wind, the caster gains the ability to levitate. After casting the spell, it is possible to rise or fall simply by willing it. This spell is very easy to control. It is possible to cast easy spells while casting this spell.
Raywing, Unlike Levitation, the spell is harder to control, and requires a lot of concentration, so other spells can not be used at the same time. The caster gains the ability to fly by creating a shield of wind around him/herself. The caster can carry other people, but since the speed, diameter, and the maximum weight that can be carried all depend on the caster's skill, more weight means less speed.
Recovery, A spell Lina uses when injured. The spell heals the wounds of a target by maximizing the target's ability to regenerate. However, the spell's healing energy comes from the target so when this spell is used against a severely wounded target, the wound might heal, but the target might die of extreme exhaustion.
Dragon Slave, One of her most powerful common spells she tends to cast. This spell is known to be the strongest black magic spell normally castable by a human without amplifying. One shot can level a mountain or even a small city. When used in combination with the Demon's Blood Talismans, the spell's power can potentially decimate a regular sized city. It is also highly effective against astral beings such as mazoku. It is advisable for the caster to put some distance between themselves and the target, as they could be easily caught in the explosion as well. When using the Dragon Slave at close range is unavoidable, the caster usually puts up a strong barrier beforehand, which still may or may not be enough.

The two of the more powerful spells Lina casts is usually in the most desperate of situations or to get rid of a rather large and powerful enemy. These are the spells she will only use against a seriously powerful enemy, otherwise there will be heavy consequences for both her and others;
Ragna Blade, Only surpassed in power by the Giga Slave, the Ragna Blade's destructive force is enormous. Its effect extends to the Astral Plane, and no being, not even the Sword of Light or a ma-ō, can deflect it, although the stronger mazoku have astral bodies too big to be destroyed by a single swipe. It puts a likewise huge strain on the caster as well. It requires great capacity to be cast (hence it requires amplification for a human caster), and the mere act of keeping the spell active drains the caster's strength tremendously.
Giga Slave, the most highly destructive and deadliest, as well as one of the few that calls on power of the Lord of Nightmares. When casted correctly, it can annihilate anything in it’s path, even a demon lord or god. However, if missed casted, even one little mistake could create a dark power that could consume an entire world, and reduce all existence into a chaotic void of oblivion! Which is why this is a Lina absolutely refuses to use, unless it’s extremely and utterly necessary.

More spells and information can be found here: Slayers Spells

For other abilities, besides spells, Lina has knowledge of the history and legend of the world of mazoku (monsters) and know what they can do. She also knows what they’re capable of. There’s a reason even after she became friends with Xellos she didn’t completely trust him. It doesn’t even faze her that the mazoku would betray her on occasion. In certain times of trouble as well, she also knows when to use the fact that she's looks like a sweet innocent "little girl" and will try to charm her way out of getting in trouble. If not, then it’s back to bargaining her way outta of it, or hitting the highway.

If there’s one thing Lina is not control of whatsoever, it’s her emotions. And when I mean emotions, I mean her temper. One could EASILY set this girl off by saying the most stupid thing or insulting her. Such as saying she has a flat chest and emphasizing how short she is. Lina will act out ragefully and not think of consequences. Heck even provoking her by being extremely forward could set her off. Lina will proceed throw a terrible tantrum, and even carelessly throw her fire spells. A pity on your soul if you ever even dare call her “flat-chested” so watch what you say around this gal.

Also besides her anger, as mentioned before, she is greedy. One could easily tempt her with the promise of food or money. She is practically willing to do almost anything to get gold, any rare treasure she could have for herself or could sell off for a great amount of cash. There’s also a small romantic side to her she doesn’t like showing, but can be shown, especially around those like Gourry. If she has feelings for someone she can act a little squirmy around them, but she only will hint about it.

There is also fears that come into play for Lina, besides of her phobia of slugs and snails. She will go into complete PANIC mode if her older sister is even mentioned. In which she will hide and scream in terror in fear that her sister will find her and do the most horrific things to her. But what she truly fears is losing her friends. If you dare even cause them a great deal of harm, Lina will go berserk and might even freeze in complete fright that she won’t be able to save them. Chances are, if Lina cares about you and you get hurt, she won’t be able to control her emotions and will do anything to try to save you. She also doesn't like being forced to harm anyone who’s innocent, especially a child. The very thought just scares her so very much.

On the terms of fighting, physically Lina is just a mortal human and can take damage if she’s not careful in battle. In melee combat, she can get overwhelmed. It’s possible for her to get broken bones and become bloodied up. And all of Lina’s spells come with a price. They burn up a LOT of calories and can take away Lina’s energy. Which is why her most powerful spells can drain her strength and make her faint if she doesn’t take care. Usually when she is drained of everything her hair becomes white and she can barely stand. This is a reason why Lina needs to consume a lot of food so she can have enough energy to use her magic.

And the last and most important note, Lina Inverse is a girl sorceress and in her universe those who use that magic that are female have a weakness. Every once a month in a few days, she won’t be able to use her regular spells. The only one she’ll be able cast are the very light ones that have very little effect. Lina doesn’t like to talk about this and likes to avoid the subject when she can. But if she’s in situation when someone might rely on her to use she her spells, she has to tell them she can’t do it, because she doesn’t have that ability for those few days.

Born in the village of Zephillia, Lina is the second daughter of merchants. The first being her older sister, Luna, who was the darling of both her parents and the town. Her sister excelled in her studies and sorcery, one of the best actually. However, Lina was a bit of a prankster when she was very young and decided one day she was gonna trick her sister. This didn’t go as planned. Once Lina set up a magical device that projected an image over the entire town of her sister while she was in the bath, she was instantly doomed on the spot. From the incident, Lina quickly left her hometown for good and has been terrified of even the mention of her sister ever since.

When Lina became older she attended a magic academy where she did very well and was awarded a color, and earned the title "Lina the Pink Sorceress" even though she consider that color a little embarrassing. While on her journey she comes across a woman named Naga the White Serpent, who soon became both her rival and travel companion. It was during that time, Lina earned her reputation and nicknames such as "Bandit Killer" and "Dragon Spooker". She would track down bandits and takes back the money they stole for either herself or someone who paid her to do so. Also during this time she met Gourry’s grandfather Rowdy and that he was the original owner of the Sword of Light, but she doesn’t learn about Gourry yet.

After Lina and Naga saved the world several times and leaving all sorts of impressions on several villages. Eventually Naga had to part ways from Lina, and she had to go back on her journey by herself.

One day when Lina was about to be ganged up by a bandit group that she attacked and stole treasure from, a swordsman named Gourry came to her aid. Mistaking Lina to be a little girl, Gourry follows Lina around for a bit, deciding to protect her. Although he realizes she wasn’t such an innocent girl after all when she accidentally blew up a village trying to extinguish a dragon. Which resulted in both Gourry and Lina running away from an angry village mob together.
Soon a chimera man named Zelgadis followed them. It was before long another man came along by the name of Rezo, a priest that claimed Zel was evil and wanted to revive the Dark Lord Shabranigdo. However, it’s revealed that he wasn’t the true villain, and that it was actually Rezo who wanted to revive the Dark Lord. After several fights with some of Rezo's men, Zelgadis agrees to travel with Lina, who was going to Atlas City with Gourry.

Lina discovers during all this that in her possession from the things she had stolen was a statue that holds the Philosopher's Stone, a magic amplifier. Later Rezo casts a spell on Zelgadis in order to use him to help get the Philosopher's Stone from Lina. Once he had it in his possession, he runs off and uses the stone to summon Shabranigdo, who had been sealed away. But the Dark Lord was revealed to be in sealed Rezo’s blind eyes. The group went against Shabranigdo, during the battle however they discovered their spells and attacks weren’t doing much damage. Lina knew she had no choice but to cast the Giga Slave. Gourry gives Lina the Sword of Light and she uses it to power up her Giga Slave. It's enough to defeat Shabranigdo and it also causes Lina's hair to go white for a while. After the fight, Lina and Gourry part ways from Zelgadis and continue to travel to Atlas City.

On their travels they meet Prince Phil and Amelia. A father and daughter duo, who claim to fight for the power of justice. Amelia soon joined the group wanting to learn how to use the Dragon Slave from Lina. They run into many troubles after they discover someone put wanted ads for them and had to fight characters such as Zangulus and Vrumugun. They also soon meet Gourry’s close friend Sylphiel who takes them all to her house, where her father explains what's gone on and how a girl named Eris put a price on their head. And that this Eris used to work for Rezo, however all comes as a surprise that Rezo shows up again! This Rezo however is a clone of the original.

During all this Zelgadis shows up, and reveals to have had a history with Rezo, the priest was actually his grandfather. That the reason he was half chimera and man was because the man cursed him. They then battled Rezo on and off, things started getting even worse. The Rezo Copy then killed off Eris and proceeds to use the power of a demon that destroyed the old city of Sairaag long ago. He attempts to try and lure Lina into using the Giga Slave by harming all her friends, but Sylphiel stops Lina manages to convince her that it’s a dangerous move and could destroy the world. When this angered Rezo, he tries to attack Sylphiel with the same spell he used to kill Eris, but Lina jumps in the way of the attack to save her.

Sylphiel quickly carried Lina off, taking her to a hidden place to help revive her. She then gives Lina a sacred artifact, a blessed sword that could be used to defeat Rezo. Who was now trying to destroy a holy tree, Flagoon, that locked away a powerful demon inside, Lina shows up and battles him. She finally manages to pin him with her blessed sword into the tree. While Sylphiel casts a healing spell on the tree, which drains the power of the demon beast, as Rezo dies he requests his final wish, to be buried under Flagoon. The group broke up again, but now they were all closer as friends.

Later on after they all meet up once again, they realized they all had a common goal to look for the Claire Bible. During their search for the book, they meet a mazoku named Xellos, who then follows them because he was also after the Claire Bible. While they search they encounter the demon Lord Gaav who tries to seal Lina’s powers, but soon she break it and learns the Ragna Blade spell. Also during their Lina’s travels. She meets a boy-crazy-self-proclaimed Martina who attempts to follow Lina around. Who is nothing but an annoyance to her, but does become her friend in the end.

They come across a copy of the Claire Bible in a near by temple and learn about the nature of the Giga Slave. Gaav tries to go after them again but luckily they were able to escape thanks to the help of a Water Dragon King. Soon they set their journey to fine the true Claire Bible in the Katahto Mountains. A Gold Dragon helps Lina learn more about Gaav and leads her to the Claire Bible. Later in a battle with Gaav, Lina manages to defeat him with the Ragna Blade. However, not all was what it seemed to be as a young village boy reveals his true nature as Hellmaster Phibrizzo. Phibrizzo destroys Gaav and kidnaps Gourry. Which then forces Lina and the others to travel back to Sairaag. On their way there however, they end up fighting Gourry, who was being controlled by Phibrizzo. Soon after, Slyphiel comes back and reveal to have learned the Dragon Slave, but no other attack spells yet. When they arrive back in Sairaag, they discover the people were being controlled too, they go to the temple in the center of the city in order to fight Phibrizzo.

While trying to fight him, Phibrizzo provokes Lina to use the Giga Slave by slowly killing off her friends one by one. Witnessing the horror she finally gets herself to cast the spell, but it looses control, however instead of destroying everything. It instead has Lina become possessed by Lord of Nightmares and kills Phibrizzo. Which released the townspeople and Lina’s friends from the spell cast by the Hellmaster and revives them. However this was to come at a cost, Lina was to loose her life. Gourry who sworn to protect Lina wouldn’t let her go and runs to save her, despite the odds, and goes into space in time where the Lord of Darkness tried to disappear off with Lina’s body. The Lord of Darkness listens to Gourry’s plea, when he shows he’d sacrifice everything to save her and lets him have Lina back. When Lina was handed back to Gourry, they shared a hug and kissed each other. However when they re-appeared together, they couldn’t remember what happened.

Later on as several months past, Lina and her friends were reunited once more. They were involved a prophecy brought to Lina and her friends by the dragon priestess Filia. Lina at first didn’t want to go, but Filia gave her note sent specifically by her sister Luna, that simply stated “Shut up and do it.” In pure fear, Lina immediately agreed to go along with whatever Filia wanted them to go do. As the gang traveled with Filia in order to find out the meaning of the prophecy. The monster, Valgaav, constantly attacks them. He was once a trusted servant of Lord Garv, before Phibrizzo destroyed him.

Valgarv was a mazoku with the full abilities of an ancient dragon, which made him extremely powerful. He was even a match for Xelloss, which means that although he was not either Garv's priest or general, he could be counted as a high-ranking mazoku. When he got angry, his dragon arms and wings manifested. This was very painful for him, as he was not able to fully transform into his rightful form. Throughout much of TRY, he used the Dark Star weapon Ragudo Mezegis as a supplement to his magical powers.

Later on, it's revealed that Valgaav wanted to free the Dark Lord, Dark Star, and to do so he needed the five light weapons, one of them being Gourry's Sword of Light. His intentions were not to mindlessly destroy all of creation - he wanted to "purify" the world, destroying the shinzoku and the mazoku and ending the vicious conflict put into place by the Lord of Nightmares. A past genocide, involving the massacre of all ancient dragons by the golden dragons because of a disagreement, is what led Valgaav to want to free Dark Star(he was part ancient dragon.) He wanted Dark Star to destroy the world and let it start over, without the ongoing war between the gods and the monsters. Now, dragons, monsters, gods, and humans must come together and use the five light weapons to defeat Dark Star.

During the final battle against Valgarv, Filia felt sympathy for Valgarv. After all, it was her race who slaughtered his. She accepted his hatred and contempt for her, and she wanted nothing more than for him to be content with himself and the world. Lina had to do what she must do though, and once Filia was in agreement that he must be stopped they all used the weapons to defeat him. In the end, he was reborn as a pure ancient dragon, and she became his caretaker. Zelgadis went on traveling, carrying a band he held onto from Amelia, while she went back home to her dad. Xellos went back to his boss. The finally Lina and Gourry went off on their own together.
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